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Art is our life all year long—we write about it, hang it up and some of us even create it ourselves. But no matter how each of us interacts with the art and artists of Society6, we can’t help but feel that it’s a pretty sweet gig to be surrounded by some of the world’s most creative humans and the magic they create. Here, our team gives a shout-out to their favorite artists and pieces of artwork from this past year.

Our Top Picks of 2020

Art Print
by Haley Tippmann
$39.99 $35.99
Art Print
by Aaron Ricketts
$45.99 $41.39
Art Print
by Burcu Korkmazyurek
$25.99 $23.39
Art Print
by jenniferdahbura
$21.99 $19.79
Art Print
by sandrapoliakov
$26.99 $24.29
Art Print
by Sabrena Khadija
$20.99 $18.89
Art Print
by isabelahumphrey
$26.99 $24.29
Art Print
by artyguava
$26.99 $24.29
Art Print
by Actual Footage of Me
$33.99 $30.59
Art Print
by Silvia Tack
$41.99 $37.79
Art Print
by Side Dimes
$24.99 $22.49
Art Print
by Kate Dehler
$26.99 $24.29
Art Print
by theebouffants
$44.99 $40.49
Art Print
by Tristan Zhou
$32.99 $29.69
Art Print
by Obinna Obioma
$18.99 $17.09
Art Print
by Ada Okaro
$33.99 $30.59
Art Print
by Jack Soren
$26.99 $24.29
Art Print
by Eveleen Hally
$20.99 $18.89

Steph, Director, Brand & Content

Favorite Artist: Haley Tippmann

"Haley's work has been an escape for me in a year where going to the mailbox felt like a vacation. Her gentle landscapes somehow do give you a bit of a travel fix and her portraits feel like spending a Saturday morning people watching at your local coffee shop."

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Favorite Artwork: Goldfish #2 by Aaron Ricketts

"Aaron is a visionary and all of his work is amazing, but I haven’t been able to get this particular piece out of my mind."

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Estacey, Social Media Manager

Favorite Artist: Michael Schauer

"With this year being THIS YEAR, Michael’s photography has given me such a sense of escapism and hope. You can almost hear the crashing of waves, feel the chilling ice, sense the calm in the mountains. His work is a reminder of how beautiful this earth is and I find it fun to imagine all of the adventures he's been on in order to get those winning shots."

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Favorite Artwork: "Dangers in the Forest VI" by Burcu Korkmazyurek

"This was hard because I’m OBSESSED with all of Burcu’s designs, but I love this one in particular because of the juxtaposition (I also love when I get to use big words) between the delicate florals and dangerous snakes. It’s beautiful, but scary and I love when art is able to make you feel such opposite emotions at the same time."

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Meghan, Merchandising Manager

Favorite Artist: Sandra Poliakov

"Sandra can turn life's mundane moments into a colorful dream that I want to transport myself to."

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Favorite Artwork: "Rodeo Queen" by Jennifer Dahbura

"I love Jennifer Dahbura's Rodeo Queen and all her female characters for that matter. They are all so strong and confident and unique."

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Ali, Senior Artist Community Manager

Favorite Artist: Sabrena Khadija

"Sabrena's work is bold, colorful and playful; the figures portrayed in each piece always have unique personalities behind them. We've been fortunate to collaborate on a few special projects this year and I admire the fearlessnes with which Sabrena approaches an artistic prompt."

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Favorite Artwork: "Sunset Dancers" by Isabela Humphrey

"Isabela designed this for the cover of the 2021 Artist Calendar and the way she uses color is what drew me to her work. I love how this conveys joy and warmth. I also get a sense of optimism from this piece that is so needed right now."

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Maya, Brand Marketing Associate

Favorite Artist: artyguava

"The colors in Arty Guava's work give me warm summer vibes all year round—and who doesn't want that?"

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Favorite Artwork: "Eat to Live" by Actual Footage of Me

"I love this because it's #relateable, but it's also one of my favorite prints hanging in my own home."

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Jasmin, Graphic Designer

Favorite Artist: Silvia Tack

"I love the colors and playful marks in Silvia's work. Her images make me feel like I'm overseas enjoying an exotic dish, overlooking the ocean! Instant vacay."

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Favorite Artwork: "Social Distancing Series IV" by Side Dimes

"This piece by Side Dimes is just so appropriate for this year and makes me laugh everytime I see it."

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Olivia, Artist Relations & Development Associate

Favorite Artist: Kate Dehler

"I love Kate's use of color and crisp, precise lines. Her entire shop is a major mood-booster."

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Favorite Artwork: "Glam Lobster" by theebouffants

"I'm a big fan of theebouffants' work but this piece in particular brings back happy memories of long summer days and lobster dinners. Extra points for being quirky and glamourous!"

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Tristan, Customer Support Lead

Favorite Artist: Tristan Zhou

"Tristan Zhou takes photos of landscapes and cityscapes that make you want to get out and see the world!"

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Favorite Artwork: "Anu" by Obinna Obioma

"The tones captured in this photo by Obinna create the kind of mood I can relate to."

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Jessica, Site Merchandiser

Favorite Artist: Jimoko

"Adaeze Okaro has such a strong eye for portraiture. Her shots tell a story beyond the outfit and make me long for a time and place I’ve never experienced."

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Favorite Artwork: "Taurus" by Juliana Horner

"Juliana’s horoscope series is always a feast for the eyes. Patiently awaiting Sagittarius."

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Scott, Brand & Content Strategist

Favorite Artist: Jack Soren

"I had the pleasure of interviewing Jack for the blog and his infectiously optimistic spirit won me over. Jack's artistic POV is one of nostalgia for the "good ole days" of Hawaii but layered with his love for skateboarding and graffiti. Plus, he just seems like a great guy to hang with..."

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Favorite Artwork: "Ostrich In Suit" by Eveleen Hally

"Give me animals in human clothes 10 out of 10 times. Eveleen's whole series is a winner but the ostrich in particular has the kind of look on their face that says, "Okay, I'm going to try to share my screen. Can everyone see?" Very relatable."

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